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Upgrading an old desktop...

Hey, so I recently come into the possession of a Dell Dimension C521. It's a somewhat old desktop. My question is, is it feasible and worth the effort to slowly upgrade it? I don't have the cash to sink into a new desktop all at once, so I was wondering if I could spend $150 or so on a motherboard and RAM, swap that in, then at some point grab a new processor, add a new video card later on, etc. Is that at all a good idea, or am I better off saving up and just getting an entirely new machine all at once?
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    I don't recommend you spend anything on your old dell; I can't find any specs or pics, which is a bad sign. C521 is listed. Main concern is the motherboard; if it's BTX format, then you won't find any new boards that will fit the case. BTX was discontinued about 5 years ago. You'll also need a new power supply, so starting over with a new atx case makes more sense.
  2. Yeah, my bad, I is a C521, that was a typo. So I should scrap this and start over? The case is a whole lot thinner than I'm used to seeing, so that makes sense. Thank you!
  3. I agree. Don't bother upgrading that old desktop, just buy your own components whenever you can afford it and at last you will have all you need.
  4. yup no point in upgrading that old machine
  5. Alrighty, I'll just save up for a new one. Thanks guys!
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