My moniter flickers and then shutdowns unexpectedly

hi every one,
i have an assembeled desktop with gigabyte 880gm mother board and amd fx processor and palit NVIDIA GeFORCE 630GT.
i had baught this for graphic and multimedia development. from a few days my moniter is becoming black and flickering in colours and then shutdowns unexpectedly and again restart's it self showing that windows has faced an unexpected shutdown .....
Please help me what is the problem and make me free from this issue...any body please help me i cant even do my project...

Thank u
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  1. Is this happening every time you power up youre machine?
  2. yes .it happens every time when i power on my system and when i opens the auto desk 3ds max it will get restart unexpectedly there a problem with graphic card please help me.....
  3. wHAT psu DO YOU HAVE? brand and wattage
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