Need help on my PC upgrade i7 for excellent (high to Ultra setting gaming)

I have a $680 budget to afford this products., would you mind checking it if its compatible:

Processor: i7 3770
Mobo: Asus P8Z77 M-pro
Asrock Z77 extreme4 Extreme4/

RAM: Ripjaws 8gb 1600
PSU: Corsair GS 600W 80 plus Bronze
Video card: GTX 660

I need help especially with the motherboard and the PSU if there are any bottle necks or my specs are just fine? appreciate your help.,
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  1. well according to this z77 xtreme supports i7-3770

    i believe both of them do

    dont worry your specs are fine
  2. why i7 as it would not give any difference in gaming go ahead with an i5-3570k & overclock later if required if not your are good to go with 3470
  3. I second that. I have a GTX 660 and have never found to be bottlenecked by my 2550k even when it was at stock speeds. Plus with a 3770 you cannot overclock in the future, whereas a 3570k can. If you are not confident with overclocking, rest assure that mild overclocking is easy. I managed to get to 4.4ghz without changing anything but the multiplier (not that it made any in game difference, only helps with video rendering)
  4. Thank you for the feedbacks guys., appreciate it much., although it surprises me that overclocking is really what they say is FUN, but its really risky for me., maybe with practice and review., also the 3570k looks cool and usually recommended for gamers, which makes me decide if i need to buy these i should also buy a cooler which may be more than the price of the 3770., it came to me that i should get 3770 instead provided with a gtx 660 for sure cool performance gaming and safe. but since you gave me an idea on that can you help me on my next question below? THANKS :)
  5. ill think about the 3570k guys., thankyou for the help :)
  6. By the way guys., if i can go for i5 3570k, would the motherboard stated above (whether ASUS or ASROCK) handle the overclocking., assuming until 4.0 ghz or higher., and wont affect the life span of the hardwares?

    Second quo, Is my PSU enough for overclocking or should i increase the wattage to 700 watts?

    Final quo, what is the best Cooler money can buy also has a better quality
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