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Hey guys,

just a quick question, I have recently built a new computer (My First!) and my CPU currently gets around 30-40 degrees Celsius Idling. I'm using a Hyper 212 Heat Sink as i plan to overclock in the near future but for now I want to get the best cooling possible for my CPU. are the above temps healthy? could i go better by changing some settings?

Any response is greatly appreciated.

Cheers. :)
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  1. What is your overclock? If your not even oc yet those temps are a bit high
  2. Idle temps don't matter much. What are your temps running eg. Prime95?
  3. @bigcyco1: Im not running OC at the moment.

    @Sakkura: How exactly do I run Prime95? I have just downloaded it then.
  4. Run the program, and it'll ask if you just want to stress test. Say yes and then run a torture test using In-place FFTs as this'll get your cpu as hot as possible.
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