Nvidia geforce 8300 gs. Where can I get one?

I need a NVIDIA GEForce 8300GS or suitable replacement. Can't locate anywhere I've looked. Anyone got any suggestions where I could get one?
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  1. Ebay, why do you want such an old card? If you have a PCIE x16 slot then you can use any modern card.
  2. I was told at Best Buy, I would have to increase my power supply from 250 watts to 400watts. If I got the galaxy GeForce GT610 card,which they suggested to replace my Nvidia Geforce 8300 GS graphics card. I just wanted something to replace my original card with out any added expence of a new power supply, Dynex 400 watt power supply. I have read on other site when using the new power supply some coputers did not work, after the instalation. Can I get a replacement video card without replaceing my power supply?
  3. Well, firstly, do you do any graphically intensive programs like games for example?

    If you do, you might want a card with a bit more juice in it. Your budget is..?
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