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What is the "right" amount of thermal compound?

Ok guys, i currently bought Deepcool Ice Edge 300U. And i have core i3 2100 3.4 GHz. Im planning to mount my cooler using its thermal compound that came with its box. Im wondering, how would i put my thermal paste? Some say, i just put a slight dot in the CPU then leave it and mount the heatsink. But some also say, i should spread it and cover the whole CPU . What is the best method? and how "much" should i put? Im really confused. :??:
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  1. A pea sized dot.
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    Most recommend a pea/grain of rice size in middle of cpu and then let pressure of heatsink clamping mechanism to force it to spread. I personally put as little as possible on and use a plastic toothpick to evenly spread a fine layer.
  3. These days I recommend a grain of rice sized application in the center of the CPU then mount the heat sink without spreading, the heat sink being applied presses the compound out evenly as its attached.
    The pea sized application is too much for a modern CPU in my opinion.

    Mactronix :)
  4. Thanks for all the answers guys, but since das_tig posted first, im gonna give him the best answer. Really big thanks guys.
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  6. Just typed faster without this stupid sticking space bar I have :lol:

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