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Hi Everyone. Let's just get this out of the way and mention pretty newb here.

I'm attaching screenshots of HWINFO and Asus Suite Sensor Recorder. I'm confused as to why I'm getting different temps listed. Any help is greatly appreciated! :)

Asus is showing my current temp as 38C which matches the highlighted Current CPU temp on HW as 38C. It also shows a max temp of 50C which the Asus graph seems to agree with (that big jump in the middle to around 50C).

How come when I look at the core temps they are close to around 60C? - With the highest being 63C? I don't get it.....
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  1. One is cpu socket the other is probably the cpu diode under the socket which runs hotter..
  2. Here's a link to the screen shots. Thanks again for the help!

  3. Quick reply! Thanks!

    I guess my concern is I ran Prime 95 for about 20 minutes with no issues. (I know it should be ran much longer). I ran the Intel Burn Test and CPU core temps skyrocketed to around 70C almost instantly. However the asus monitor and the CPU temp found under Nuvoton NCT6779D stayed around 50C. They fan speed didn't kick up... probably because it was still registering around 50C.

    Ha... Does that make any sense?

    i7-2700k - overclocked to 4.4GHZ
    Asus p8v77v- pro
  4. I don't run intel so, but for amd the diode is under the cpu an dosen't get direct cooling only leftovers after the chip over it is cool, so it will always be hotter/volatile, I'm guessing intel is giving you a composite of diode/cpu temps, but then again I could be talkin out my azz..
  5. I noticed the same thing with my 8350 and m5a99fx, the hwmonitor CPU temp goes up to 72c then it throttles my CPU. While the package, and core temp read at 58c when this all happens... so based on what I've hmjust read here is that the hwmonitor CPU temp reading is the socket temp, and core temp and package is the CPU cores themselves? I'm running at 4.6 with a nzxt respire t40 cooler. If I get a better cooler will that help keep my socket temp down by keeping the CPU cooler? Sorry didn't mean to thread jack but I'm dealing with exactly what the op is as far as different temp readings
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