Gaming computer , games dosn't work at high performance.

Hello.I'm a gamer , i just buyed a xfx hd 6950 dual fan unlocked (i haven't unlocked it ) to play games a the maximum settings.I tried on BF3 the card goes to 85C at 60% fan speed and 47C 28% fan speed in idle and it still is a little laggy, tryed on withcer 2 witch is very laggy when more soldiers appears on the monitor.
My sistem is:
i have an Benq 24 inch monitor wich supports full hd 1080p
chiftec 550w power supply
an intel core 2 quad q8200 (2,33GHZ , 4 cores)
an intel dp45sg motherboard
and a dual chanel ddr 3 2x2 gb memory ram 1333 frequency kingstone
and 2X500gb of HDD (1tb) sata 2
Amd Radeon hd 6950(6970) 1gb oc edition 256 bit (1536 shaders,800 mhz ) unlocked
Windows 8 build 8400 64bit (relase preview)
My very big fear is that the new card maybe the issue, even tried to run a 3dmark vantage but it just gives an Error occured in dll , error type:std::exception,error message system info component has failed.The main worker thread has an error.
Can some1 please help me?
here's some more info
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    I n BF3 is this in single or multiplayer? If multi it could be your CPU holding it back. What settings are you playing witcher on in ubersampling is enabled thats the problem as no GPU can handle that. Does lowering settings help? It may be a Windows 8 problem.
  2. Simon 12 i don't belive it ... yes you right it really helped ...omg i don't belive it Much thanks i really mean it thanks man :D
  3. maybe its a driver glitch
    try your games on windows 7 and tell us
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