Bootable Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool found

It can be found at .

The tool is described at which says: "If the operating system cannot be loaded, a bootable Linux* version is available for you test the processor. Contact Intel Customer Support to get the bootable version of Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool." I couldn't find the location with Google, and even after-hours non-US Intel chat support didn't know where to find it.

Be sure to monitor CPU temp during tests, especially if you're overclocking.
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  1. Personally, its VERY unlikely a CPU will ever fail, though I guess a dedicated CPU test couldn't hurt. More likely the Mobo/RAM/GPU would go before a CPU.
  2. I agree, though I suspect that my new i5 has. While installing winxp or win8 or booting XP live CD the system freezes and causes the display to flash different colors rapidly. When booting the Intel diagnostic the icons on the Fedora desktop are scrambled along with menu text, making any text impossible to read. This makes me think that the integrated graphics is causing problems. Nothing was displayed when booting the diagnostic with an old PCI graphics card connected to the monitor.
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