New build won't turn on

I've just built my first PC but when I press the power button, the fans start to spin and light up then about 1/4 of a second later everything turns off.. whats going on?
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  1. Check the power connections, is the CPU power head in? If you can't see what you have missed then unplug everything and try again.

    You should have, CPU header, Sata' in the HDD and DVD drive, One or two PCI-E in the GPU, and one ATX into the motherboard.
  3. It was the CPU power head I forgot, but now it wont even do the lights thing it was doing before.

    heres a video of the insides.
  4. Did your monitor get any signal in that 1/4 a seccond?
  5. Not that I noticed.
  6. You probably did, but just to make sure, did you turn your power supply off, when you plugged in the CPU power header, and if so did you remember to turn it back on?
  7. Yep, I switched it a few times to double check I had it switched on. Any other ideas?
  8. Update - the ATX wasn't in all the way, I now have a blue light on the case, but still no spinning fans or power... did it short the board by not having the cpu header connected? o.O
  9. You should not have shorted the board. If you have a blue light, you have some power. Are case fans spinning?
  10. New update... the JFP1 socket wasn't correct as I had placed the power in the wrong connector, but i'm still getting no image on my monitor, but the pc is on and stays on.
  11. Another update, I took out the graphics card since i've heard about driver issues or something, and i'm installing windows now, hopefully the graphics card isn't broken. I guess I'll find out soon enough :')
  12. Your idea to give a youtube video of your build is a really good one. I'll try to recommend this to others needing help.
  13. The card is most likely not broken. What you will have to do is download the driver once you get into windows. From there, shut down and re-install the graphics card. BTW what gpu are you using?
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