Need help

hi all,,,

I bought monitor S23A700D
and connected to my PC via HDMI to my motherboard (asus sabertooth z77) and (3770K)

but I get refresh rate 60Hz

how do I turn it to 120Hz??

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  1. From :

    Multi-VGA output support : HDMI/DisplayPort ports
    - Supports HDMI with max. resolution 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz
    - Supports DisplayPort with max. resolution 2560 x 1600 @ 60 Hz

    Which means you cannot get 120 Hz at your 1920x1080 resolution with HDMI cable. You need to use display port output from your motherboard. Said that, I think you'll need a discrete card to achieve 120 Hz on your monitor.
  2. but i dont have displayport on monitor
  3. That's why I said you'll need a discrete card..
  4. ahh sry im bad in english xD

    what u mean by discrete card?

    and what's a good video card for S23A700D?
  5. Discrete = additional, as in one that is not inside your CPU.

    Anything will do. If you are not playing any games, cheapest option would be

    You'll also need dual link DVI cable:
  6. i mean good video card that compatible with S23A700D
    and whats the best card?
  7. I want high end graphic card for games xD

    Nvidia or AMD?
  8. What is your budget? :) Best card in the world is GTX 690, but it is too expensive for most people.
  9. lol

    around 500$

    but I heard AMD is compatible with this monitor but Nvidia

    i mean for 3d
  10. $500 dollars can get you either HD 7970 Ghz Edition or GTX 680. It's pure preference whether you prefer nvidia or AMD, because even though GTX 680 is a bit faster without overclocking, when both are overclocked, HD 7970 catches up with it.
  11. both support this monitor 100%?
    r u sure? xD
  12. what about AMD 7950 and GTX 670?
  13. GTX 670 is about on par with regular HD 7970. It's around 7% slower than GTX 680. HD 7950 is below that. They both support the monitor, and Nvidia card doesn't need third party software to run 3D on it, while AMD needs it.

  14. techx said:
    what about AMD 7950 and GTX 670?

    The GTX 670 is the best choice and yes, it will be compatible with your monitor.
  15. this SS from the monitor manual

    look at table

    it's say

    If an AMD HD5000 series
    graphics card or higher is used
    Display images in
    FullHD Real 120Hz mode
    Windows 7,
  16. You're right, you need an AMD card. I'd suggest HD 7970 GHz Edition.
  17. ill get 7950 or 7970

    and after I get this card I use HDMI or DVI?

    DVI, right?
  18. Yes. Though HDMI 1.4a cable should work as well.
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