Crossfire not working on Crysis 2

Hello, I recently purchased Crysis 2. I have crossfire 6870's set up. When I play the campaign my GPU usage is 80-99% on the first card and 0% on the other does anyone know why this is? Thanks for your time.
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  1. I have the same card in CF, had the same issue last week, r u gaming at 1080p?
  2. Yes was playing in 1080p on Ultra
  3. Create a shortcut of the crysis2.exe and add " - windowed" to it. R u gaming on a TV?
  4. In the game make sure u have full screen as yes.
  5. Thanks mate seems to be working now :)
  6. Cheers..Racked my head on that for a few days..Enjoy. Don't forget to select as the best answer ;-)
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