Having an HDD space problem

I just put together a new PC and have it running Windows 8. My C: is an 128GB SSD. In Windows it says there's only 32GB left on the drive out of 111GB. This is strange because when I go to each folder on the C: and calculate how much space they're using it only comes out to be about 28GB.

How have I already used 72GB on my SSD if the only thing on it is Windows 8 with some miscellaneous files?
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  1. how much memory do you have, it'll use that much for hiberfil.sys and a similar amount perhaps for swap space. it does seem a little extreme though.

    download windirstat and you'll see what's taking up space.
  2. Also try disabling system restore, that will free up a fair bit of space. Be advised you won't have restore points to fall back on if something goes wrong though, so you may want to take a backup image of your Windows Installation and keep it on an external drive or something if you find yourself in a situation where Windows is badly screwed up, and your options are either use a restore point, or reinstall the OS.
  3. Thanks for all the replies!
    I have 32GB of RAM if that's what you're asking 13thmonkey.
    I'll try out what you all said and get back to ya.
  4. Both the hiberfil.sys and pagefile.sys are taking up about 30GB each. How do I reduce those?
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    Unfortunately the Hibernate file will be huge if you have 32GB of RAM, as it needs to be big enough to dump the entire contents of your RAM in order for the hibernate function to work. If you don't use the hibernate function, you're best off disabling it altogether. Quickest way to do that is to run a command prompt as administrator, and then type in:

    powercfg -h off

    That will disable hibernate and delete the hiberfil.sys file.

    To change the size of the page file, you open the start menu, right click on computer, and click properties. Then on the left click on advanced system settings, under the advanced tab click the settings button next to performance settings, that will open another window. In that window go to the advanced tab and click the change button under virtual memory to change the size of your page file.
  6. Thanks! Did all of that and now I have drastically more space.
    You guys are awesome.
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