How much could i sell this rig for?

I want/need to sell my rig so i can have the money for a newer one(alienware most likely)


XFX i780 775 socket mobo
BFG gtx 260 maxcore 55 ed
q6600 @ 2.4 Ghz cpu
zalman copper cpu heatsink
8 gigs of ddr2 @ 800Mhz
550w antec sli PSU
400 gig sata seagate HD
and a antewc p180 case with a sony DVD-RM

works well but just need more power(and money)

and i need a recommanded price to sell it at
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  1. I'm not sure as to what you could charge for that (as I really only know about more modern hardware), but let me tell you right now, do NOT buy an alienware.

    You spend $2000 on an alienware, I'll spend $1000 and beat it. Trust me, build your own rig, alienware is just a brand name that charges super high for unnecessary (they try to market 16GB RAM and an i7 to you for GAMING?? wtf...) or overpriced stuff. Build your own.
  2. I agree that alienware is not the way to go but I'd say a new computer with better specs from dell is $700 (a better processor and similar gpu). SO I dont see you getting more then 5 and I would guess 4ish tops.
  3. As someone who also has an LGA 775 gaming rig (E8400 @4.4GHz, Zalman 9700LED, GTX 285, 4GB memory, Seasonic 620W, Antec 900), I'd say you could ask $400 (US dollars, not sure where you are) and be lucky to get $375 for it in haggle. The only reason I haven't sold mine is because it's worth more to me than the realistic $375-$400 I could get for it. And like others have said here, don't waste your money on Alienware. If you don't want to build your own, there are a host of other custom built PCs from smaller companies that build better rigs for less.
  4. Yeah man, I use a i5 3570k and 16 GB of RAM. Total cost, with nice ASUS mobo, was about 400. I can run literally every single program on my computer at one time, even games, and I only use about 35% of physical memory. Absolutely unnecessary for gaming. Don't go alienware. Give me a grand and you'll have a KILLER gaming PC.

    P.S.I don't really sell my services.
  5. $400 is kind. More like $275-300. Its like 4 years old? Maybe 5?
  6. You'd be suprised at what you can get. If you are posting on craigslist and selling to someone for a childs pc you could get 5ish but 3-4 is a fair price. The only people who would buy the pc though is a friend who needs one or someone who doesn't know a whole lot. Also I am assuming the computer will work and has windows.
  7. Alienware is the the "Mac" version of PCs. Expensive "brand" PC that performs less..
  8. Yea just to further emphasis what people have said about alienware. I own a m15x. Loved it at first. Intill i started learning more about computers and realized that i got ripped off. Im trying to sell one so i can build a desktop. Deffaintly dont buy alienware as you can build your own for alot cheaper thatll perform better. Its not terribly hard and there is plenty of support to teach you how.
  9. You can sell the PC for around 250-300$ depending on how old it is.
    As for the Alianware if you're buying a 2K PC then youre paying 800$ for the hardware and 1200 for the brand.
  10. If you really want a desktop from dell go down the XPS route that department in dell is much better than alienware.
  11. najirion said:
    Alienware is the the "Mac" version of PCs. Expensive "brand" PC that performs less..

    No that's falcon NW. Alienware is a fine company they are a little expensive and if all you want is the gtx660 the new pc is kinda reasonable. If you dont want to build your own pc and still want to customize I would compare alienware with other companies like Digitalstorm, originpc, or if you dont mind poor build quality CyberPower.
  12. thanks for your replys so i might not sell the psu(i have a usless 450w)
    and get a new mobo/cpu and ram with the money i might get from it and it don't have windows installed and runs well not the best since only a 32 bit os :(
  13. and now i need suggetaions for a mobo cpu and recommanded brand for ram
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