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Radeon 5770 Glitches and artifacts

I have a XFX Radeon HD 5770 ( purchased in Jan 2010

Recently ive been seing random glitches comin up on the screen in anything from windows to games to web browsing.
Games include : Star trek online, counterstrike source, portal, borderlands

Ive re-installed windows/ati drivers same problem seems to present itself.

Ive run memtest86+ to see if theres anything with my ram : all tests were negative

Ive run ATItool to test the video card and temp stays stable under high load at around 65 deg

I removed the card and reseated it in the pci-x 16 slot and removed all dust from the cooler and the problem continues.

Im at the point where im going to request an RMA i was just wondering if theres anything i might have overlooked.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Have you updated the drivers recently? Try a clean install of all of your ATi drivers and see if that does anything.
  2. I did a clean install of windows and drivers about 2 weeks ago ill check if there are any new drivers
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    Sounds like RMA time, bad luck i know, but it happens.

    After all, if you reinstalled windows and drivers and it still does it, somethings wrong.

    I have a 5770 and can say that the newest drivers do not seem to have any issues like this(in fact have no seen anything like this with any drivers for that card). I will make sure my 5770 system is on the latest drivers as well(edit...12.6 so latest).

    I would check the heatsink/fan to ensure it is clean, but if your temps are 65c load then I do not think you have a temp issue. The 5770 will take 70-80 without any issues.

    Did ATItool show lots of artifacts(yellow dots) on its scan as well?
  4. Ill have to run the test again but it did not show any artifacts the first time i ran it.

    Ill re-install ati tool and run the test again

    Any other diagnostic tools you can recommend

    I tested the graphics card memory and again no glitches
  5. Bad card...maybe you did some bad OC in the past...
  6. If you are using memtest86+, it just tests your systems memory.

    Do you have another computer you can test the card in(time to call in some favors and get a friend to try your card, that would tell you once and for all by eliminating your full system as a possible fault).
  7. Sounds like a good idea i know a few of my friends also have ati cars in their system so id be able to see if its the card or the system.

    And no, no overclocks in the past ive always kept it at stock clocks and the problem started showing up about a 5-6 weeks ago. Sounds like a dying card
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