Compatability of G Skill RAM with A. Extreme 4

Hello everyone. My current setup is the Asrock Extreme 4 Z77 with DDR3 16 GB Quad Channel 2133mHz PC3-17000. I cant seem to fit the RAM into the slots. Are they supposed to not be compatible or do I need to force these RAMs into the slots? Thank you for any help offered!
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    first of all, you shouldnt be using 2133mhz as it will void the warranty of intel and will damage your memory controller if the ram is 1.65v

    they fit alright,open up the tabs all the way, make sure you get a large click sound and then the tabs should be able to be pushed back in
  2. one more thing is that faster memory doesnt increase system performance. maybe 1% in benchmarks and thats about it.
  3. The memory fits with no problem I have it and the same mother board. Memory performance is based on usage. 1% is generalized across all types of usage. It will not damage the board as you said. I talked directly with severla manufacturers prior to purchasing a motherboard. The newer motherboards are designed to handle it. Unless a number of manufacturers got together and are all telling the same lie.

    The memory kind of pops in and the clip then pops up and holds it in place when seeding it.
  4. Make sure that the "cut" in the RAM contact and edge in the slot line up. That little bit in the slot is there so you cant put the stick in the wrong way. May seem obvious, but I have gotten frustrated trying to put RAM in only discover I had it round the wrong way.
    Felt very intelligent after that...

    Other than that, BigTroll and Frisky are right. Open up the locks on either end of the slot, put the RAM, making sure everything lines up, and push them in. The locks should close onto the RAM once its inserted.

    And yeah, higher frequency RAM doesnt give any significant performance boost. You lose most of what you do get with higher timings thats needed to keep it stable at that speed. If its running at 1.65v (or probably higher at this speed) it will damage your Intel CPU, its not designed to handle more than 1.5v.
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