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Hi. I need help with looking for a casing which is small but not as small as the SFF like bitfenix prodigy.
I currently have an antec 300 and im starting to dislike it since it has ZERO cable management.
Maybe something smaller than the antec 300 and has good airflow and cable management. Water cooling is not needed and i am using a small mobo and single graphics card. Budget is lesser than $100 or higher if needed. But since its a small tower, it won't be that expensive I suppose.
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  1. hi mate.. tnx what brand and model is this? im sorry i cant open the link you provided. its blocked on our servers... lol
  2. NZXT Vulcan. Small, stylish , with good (not great) cable management and an optional handle.

    Try this link:
  3. which is better... fractal core 3000 vs fractal arc mini vs tj08-e
  4. Of those two I like the Arc mini. Looks like a higher quality build.
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