HAF XB Question - Card Reader?

I am looking for a good card reader to install into my HAF XB.

(For those who don't know, the XB is the best case ever IMO though this is also my first build so nothing to compare to other than crappy ACER HP DELL and other such cases.)

The XB has two 5.25" optical bays that use a screwless design that just locks the optical drives into place. I have one of these bays free for a card reader to finish off the case. I have not settled on a card reader yet but there are some such as the AKASA All In One V2 or

My question/concern is that the device will not be deep enough or sturdy enough to engage with the screwless system cooler master employs. Does anyone have experience with this or similar locking mechanisms?

I absolutely love the case and will not get rid of it for something else. Any advice is appreciated.
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  2. Sharkbyte is right, no card reader is as deep as the internal bay is. I installed a 3.5 inch card reader (looked liked it had a similar depth as yours), I didnt' have any problems. If you don't have a clear case, then I recommend some well placed zip ties if you need extra support.
  3. You could always take off the screwless mechanism and then just screw it in normally.

    Though if the screw-less mechanism in the HAF-XB is similar to the one in my HAF-X, dont expect to be able to put it together again.
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  5. Thanks for all of the suggestions and info guys. This site rules!

    I think I will look for a 3.5" reader/writer and then install it into a 5.25" bracket/caddie so it will fit into the screwless mechanism. If that doesn't work I will try to tie it down to the existing mechanism.
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