My dual screen setup wont work ? :(

Ok so i have two monitors one hooked up to a dvi on a adapter because the monitor has a VGA output.
So that monitor works the other monitor also has a VGA input and output and both of the monitors work when plugged in separately.
I bought a VGA to dvi adapter for the second monitor plugged that in and it didn't work fine ,
it could be that it was a dvi-d not a dvi-i anyhow ,
I bough a vga to hdmi cable so i can use the hdmi and the VGA inputs to get the display on both of the monitors once again the vga with the dvi works and the vga in the other monitor with the hdmi output doesn't get detected..
Help me out O.o Im not sure what to do.. and i have updated the drivers ,
and have tried to restart and it doesn't show up in the display settings.. :o :pfff:
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  1. there's no such thing as a vga to hdmi cable, you need a conversion box, whoever sold you the cable was scamming you.
  2. Yeah you need a box like this to actually convert the signal- the converter needs power, the other thing sadly is a scam.
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