CPU upgrade for Dell insprion 530


i am looking to upgrade my processor for my 530 i know its not the best but i want to get more out of it i have already upgraded my GPU from on board to a HD 7750 low profile, whats the best processor i can get that will be compadable with my rig.

My Specs

CPU: Intel core 2 duo e4500 2.2

Motherboard: foxconn g33mo2

Ram: 2gb ddr2

PSU: 300 watts

GPU: HD 7750 low profile

If there is anything else you need tell me

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  1. Hello... the problem I have always had with upgrading CPU's, in peoples Dell computers, is the lack of DELL BIO's updates, for the motherboards to recognize diiferent/newer CPU's. it's always been a hit or miss situation... and the best solution, in time and $$$, is to determine if your case will fit a new standard matx or atx motherboard into it. If not... a case, motherboard, and CPU replacement is needed.

    The FOXconn motherboard specs as a S775 with Quad processor support, with their BIO's updates, But using their BIO's on a DELL OEM board may or may not work... Backup any current DELL BIO's before attemping a newer Foxconn BIO's...

    If you can put a used Quad or an Used E8400 Dual into your computer... you will get a performance boost.
  2. So Should try to use a core 2 quad or stick with the latest duo?
  3. hello... i think you should google for success stories with CPU upgrades with your current DELL BIO's... If your budget is around $200 you could get a h61 motherboard, 8gig DDR3 ram and an I3 2120.

    report back your GOOGLE search success stories.
  4. I don't think I want to get a whole new mb ram, I want to try to get a new CPU and maybe get 2 more gb of ram. I found a core 2 duo e8400 for $50 on eBay but I see them go for like 170 on newegg. Should I try this CPU on eBay because I'm worried about it being used.
    Link to eBay CPU
  5. Hello... I have bought and sold many used Computer parts on EBAY... verify a good number of positives and a return if DOA, there are no moving parts in a CPU... it either works or doesn't work... if you must return, you pay the shipping not them.

    Yes , in the used computer parts business, prices will be higher than current/new products.

    you will get 2x's the processor power/speed than your current CPU...

    Have you any experience with EBAY? If you are patient, a last minute BID can get you a lower cost than a BUY NOW option.
  6. I have bought items off of eBay, but I havent bought anything in a while. I will look into this and I will probably end up getting it from eBay.
    I haven't put a new processor in the past I know the basics of it but do you have any tips that could help
  7. Also I forgot to add if I need to update my bios I currently have 10.0.5 and will I have to get a new heatsink and applie new thermal paste
  8. Heatsink will be compatible. You're getting a new chip, the shape of the chip is still a little square. Yes you should clean off the dry thermal paste from the heatsink and reapply.
  9. ok i thought it would fit i just wasn't sure. but i didn't know about the paste
  10. Hello... there is versions up to 1.0.18, but version 1.0.15 is a Updated Intel microcode, which means, more CPU compatability... here is the link... http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/04/DriverDetails?driverId=KW9KD&fileId=2731108828

    I would try the CPU first and see if its identified... if not... try this BIO's flash with the Original CPU installed.
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