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I can't figure out how to get my display to fit into my screen. Tried playing around with the resolutions and as I go lower it just gets more exaggerated. I am on 1920x1080 which is the recommended resolution. I have a Nvidia GT 545 on Windows 7, and the monitor is an Upstar P42EWT. I don't know how to shrink this screen. It's only slightly outside of the picture frame on all sides.
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  1. So I finally was able to go into the Intel graphics and control panel and shrink my screen down so that I could see my menus. But the Nvidia tech alerted me to an abnormality with Windows 7. For whatever reason, Windows is recognizing an alternate display that dos now exist. I go into the device manager and I disable it and it still is showing up as two separate screens when i take a screenshot. How do I make it so that I only have one display? As I said before I am on Windows 7 64bit, I have a Nvidia GT 545 card, and a 42" Led Tv from Upstar; model P42EWT. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't want my card using unneccesary resources if it doesn't have to.
  2. Do you have the required nVidia drivers installed? Is the screen connected to the card and not an onboard port? The reason i ask is because you mention that you went into the 'intel' drivers control. If you're using an nVidia card, surely there will be an nVidia interface for controlling settings??? I did have similar problems using onboard intel grapics connecting a laptop to a lcd panel before. I resolved these by installing the latest intel driver. But i doubt that's going to help. I think you need to be looking in the direction of your nVidia drivers and controls.
  3. So what I ended up doing was completely deleting all of my graphic drivers and reinstalling both intel & Nvidia drivers. It deleted the cloned instance that was added to the display in windows and I was then able to adjust the size of my screen via the intel graphic control center.
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