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Suggestions for a case to mod (HAL-9000 Style)

January 21, 2013 6:33:38 PM

Okay I have spent two weeks searching I am unable to find a case I can mod with simple hand tools to build my new system, I was hoping someone here might be able to point me towards one.
The Closest one I can find is the Mountain Mods Pinnacle 24” but while it is a large case it lacks the cable management to pull this off correctly.
The Case Labs SMH10 or Merlin ST10 Case has slightly better cable mgmt. but the face is all wrong for my needs
I contacted a few Custom case Builders no response yet, MM will sell me an extra front faceplate for 70 bucks so again it gets the nod
What I am looking for is a Case with a flat front panel, the Drive cage mounted on the bottom of the case and a Single 200MM hole in the front it would be perfect if the 5.25 drive bays were hidden behind a cover.
If I was going to use the Mountain Mods I can rotate the front panel so the drive cage is at the bottom, and if it is built like my Old MM UFO case you can shove the drives in further so I would only have to fab up a flat panel to cover the drives which could be held in place by a magnet or Velcro
Basically I want to build this but with this color scheme
My plan was to use standard Aluminum Square tube for the outline, make the ring out of MDF and have a Full Side Panel made out of Acrylic (which is another thing MM can do) I have already found a near perfect shallow glass dome for the eye and I am working on a 555 timer circuit that will slowly pulse the 10MM red LED (I was going to drive it from the HD activity led but changed my mind)
I can mount all the switches in the top that only requires drilling a few holes I am sure I can find a 5.25 Cover plate that could house the USB2 USB3 and Audio headers so other than poor wire mgmt. the only real thing the MM P24 is lacking is dual 120.3 Radiator mounts which I would prefer be on the bottom or on the right side (as you face the front of the case)

But while I can add a Bathroom to my house, I can roof a home and even rewire it with out giving it a second thought my metal working skills are lacking (my brazing it more like bird turds and my welding it far from a Stack of Dimes. so I am looking for suggestions on a case I can mod with simple hand tools or a service that will do it for me I don't mind paying a few bucks but I am not paying 1800 for a one off mod.