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Hello, how to tranfer music from external device to my new windows 7 was from a vista laptop,,,to wd storage.........if that is important...dunno
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  1. Use an USB flash drive, external backup drive or any type of flash memory. Also you can sync your music folder with Windows Live Mesh or Ubuntu One etc. Or you can compress your music folder into a zip file and upload it online to something like Google Docs.
  2. thanks from queeq.....i shall try....think you have pointed me in right music is already on an external drive....can i use a cable and hit some sort of transfer button......sorry about new question.....thanks for help you have already provided
  3. By external drive you mean a hard drive which was taken out of a laptop, right?

    In that case you need an USB "external enclosure". You can put your hard drive into it, then you can connect this to your computer via a USB cable, it shows up as a new drive and you can browse the filesystem and copy files over.

    Note, that these enclosures come in different flavours depending on hard drive size (2.5'' for notebook drives, 3.5'' for PC drives), and hard drive connector type (SATA for newer, IDE for older generation hard drives).
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