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I'm going to be buying a laptop for engineering and cad drafting. I'm only in high school, and I'd like this laptop to go all the way through college (I'm in 10th grade). Should I just go with a laptop with the Intel HD 4000 graphics or should I go with something that has a better graphics card. I'm also going to be doing some very light gaming, but that's not a big factor.
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  1. Nvidia has the Quadro and Radeon the the FirePro series that are optimized for use in sofware like AutoCAD and Maya. But a gamming card works too. And yeah, i think you should go with something better than that Intel. Low cost mobile gpus from Radeon like 6500M and 6600M/6700M are already a lot better than that.
  2. would an nvidia geforce gtx 660m work well? I was looking at a laptop with that
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    Yes , it is even better , you check this link for a hierarchy,3107-7.html
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  5. thanks man i appreciate it
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