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  1. Looks good to me. If you have no intention of of CFX you don't really need that strong of a PSU. Also You might wanna get a 3570k it lets you overclock unlike the 3570.
  2. All looks fine. I only have a few comments.

    1) Spring for a 128GB SSD. The M4 128GB is only like $38 more. You will be happy you did as 64GB really isn't much space and after formatting and OS install you don't get much left for apps.
    2) All nice parts, and then you throw in the cheap case. Don't cheap on the case completely. You are also buying a PSU so why get a case that has one? Here are a few that are cheap and somewhat nice.

    Other than those two item's I can't say anything bad about the rest. I'd probably pick a different PSU, but that one is still very good. All those components will work just fine. The cooler is nice and the F3 drives are just awesome for the price and very reliable.
  3. Thanks! I switched my case to this:

    and my SSD to the same company's 128GB. I'll get on ordering it soon.
  4. Good pick. That's a solid build. The only other thing I can mention is if you plan to do some overclocking the K model may be worth it. The non-K will still overclock via a bus overclock, but does not have an unlocked multiplier. However, I do see the non-K also now has a $15 instant code on Newegg which is nice. Just more food for thought. Either way nice build.
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