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Help with phenom ii build no post

I recently built my first custom pc and suddenly am having issues. These are the specs:
Amd Phenom ii 965 be x4 @3.4 ghz quad core
msi 970a g46 mobo with uefi bios
xfx radeon hd 5450 gpu
g.skill 1x 8gb 1600mhz
Thermaltake 430w psu
seagate 160 gb hdd with 2 150 gb external drives
dual booting windows 7 professional 32bit and linux mint 14 64bit with cinnamon desktop
I do not currently have a case so i am breadboarding my rig
after i ripped the power button off of a pentium 3 case i was able to start using the rig and it worked fine all day doing nothing heavier than set up and internet browsing. the next day i go over and power on the rig and i only get one mobo light and the cpu fan spins but nothing else happens
What is wrong?
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    First you will want to check the other components on the computer.
    Power connections
    and anything else.

    Did you hear any beeps that the computer made? Those beeps tell you what is wrong with the computer, and you can refer to them on the manual of the motherboard.
  2. i have no onboard speaker therefore, no beeps i have used the power supply in my moms old server (no idea why she has it) it worked flawlessly and as i said the computer was working smoothly the first day just ever since then i have had this problem. is it possible that i burnt out the processor?
  3. also the hdds are spinning i have tried booting without the graphics card and no success
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