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Last year, I upgraded my motherboard, cpu, and memory to an i5-2500k setup with 8gb of ram. I use a 4850 graphics card and have a 7200rpm hard drive.

I can probably swing about $200 this year to upgrade the computer. I'm weighing a new graphics card (thinking about the 7850) or a SSD. My gaming is mostly MMO (Lotro, SWTOR, DCUO) with some other current release stuff, but I don't really do FPS. I don't do any other computing that places much demand on the system, though the quicker boot time of the SSD would probably be appreciated by all users.

Any recommendations on where that $200 would be best spent, whether on the GPU, the SSD, or something else? I'm not in a particular hurry, so I can hold off until fall to see if prices fall further.

Thanks for any recommendations.
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  1. that 4850 runs all of the games you play over 40fps?

    If so, you can get a 256gb ssd for around $200
  2. Get a GPU that supports DX11. BestBuy has the PNY gtx560ti for $150 right now which is a great deal.

    Or you could just get something like a HD7770 which will run the games you like really well and spend the extra $75 on a 64GB SSD to use as a system drive. That's probably what I would do if I were in your shoes.
  3. The 4850 runs the stuff I do OK (with dialed down graphics quality), but doesn't support DX11, so that would be a plus to upgrading the card.

    If I did something like a 64gb ssd, I assume I would mainly be putting my OS on it without much else. Is that where the main benefit of the SSD is seen, vs getting a larger drive that can handle putting the games themselves on it? May be worth a new post, but it's something I've researched and haven't really found a definite answer to.
  4. I would wait for a HD 7850 sale for just over $200 and buy.

    I would not go below120 GB SSD if you go that route you should be able to pick one up for just under $100. I have a 180 GB w/ 2 games (Diablo 3 and World of Tanks), Win 7 and I've used about 1/3 of my SSD.

    Good Luck !!
  5. I just use a 64gb ssd, works fine. I have 30gb free. Personal preference really
  6. In your case, I'd by an ssd OR a graphics card because its much more satisfying getting a LOT of one world rather than just a Little of both.

    With the 256gb drive I'm sure it can store most of your games which will make bootup times faster for the games as well

    if graphics are an issue for you and bootup times aren't, then don't waste money on an ssd yet
  7. If you can find large amounts of black powder at local stores, I would recommend buying as much as you can for $200, then packing it into the tightest container you can find. You may need to budget in $5 for duct tape. Use a long fuse.

    Thats probably the best bang you can get for for $200.
  8. XD ^^
  9. $5 buys a lot of duct tape!
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