New CPU and Mobo Cant decide what one to pick

Time to upgrade, Running a Phenom 975. Im looking at a 3820 3770k or a 3930k. And random Motherboards, Price isn't really a issue but if i do go to high my wife could kill me :) What combos do you suggest any help would be appreciated

Will be used for Gaming, Streaming and some video editing.
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  1. For mobos, go to newegg and go to the advanced or power search for mobos. Then go thru all the features and choose what you need (have to have PS2, USB 3, eSATA, etc). You'll find doing this will narrow it down dramatically.
    Personally, I own a Gigabyte and love it, but also really like ASUS. There are those here that like ASRock, some MSI, etc so you will get conflicting recommendations. Find the options you NEED and you'll find a clear winner.
    As for CPU, since you want to do video editing, i7 is the way to go of course. Now, after you start narrowing mobos, you'll be able to decide if you need LGA2011 or 1155. Be thorough, make good comparisons, read reviews. Go to their websites and look at the support section, does it please you aesthetically, is it easily navigable?
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