What to do with my old Rig

So I just built myself a new rig...my first upgrade since mid 2008 or so. Now I have no idea what to do with my old rig. Its old, but still a pretty capable system with an e8400 cpu and a 9600gt GPU.

I know I probably couldn't sell it for much, so I'd rather not even waste the effort trying. I'd rather put it to use somehow if possible.

So my question is: What are some useful things you guys have done with your old rigs after an upgrade?
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  1. Not much you can do unless you have kids and want to make a little PC for them to tinker on. Or niece/nephew, or something like that. Or even a grandparent. You can always turn it into a file server, but that's just a PC sitting around always on sucking power. I'd either part it out or make it a complete build and reinstall the OS on it and sell on Craigslist. I've sold one or two systems on Craigslist pretty cheap. As long as it's a fresh OS and cosmetically it looks nice, people are usually willing to buy pretty quick.

    I've sold some old systems or the main components like mobo,cpu,mem and sometimes case as a barebone system. I've also once given an old PC to an older woman I worked with who was on a limited budget so her and her husband had internet and email. I fixed one up once and bought a few parts for my sister and brother-in-law as a gift since they needed a new PC and just got married. I've also helped put together a PC for my grandmother a long time ago so she had email. Other than that I usually just sell components or place them in my buddies basement on the shelves of shame.
  2. Like Jay says give it to someone in need.
  3. If you have no personal contacts,

    search around you and donate, schools are always a place to inquire.
    I'd rather it go to a non-profit then a cheapskate on craigslist.
  4. I went to a vocational school my last year of high school... many years ago. I was in the Micro Computer Tech class and they were always looking for donated equipment. We got alot of older stuff, but were excited when something within 10 years came in the door. We got to build some 8088's. Now THAT will make you thankful for a modern BIOS.
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