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Hey all.

I have been wanting to upgrade a lower end PC i have, i got it for free some year ago, its a Emchacines T3418. I got it from a friend so i haven't spent much on it besides upgrading the ram from 512mb to 2gigs.

Here are the specs for the computer;

(Not sure if links are allowed, if not, i can remove it)

So my question is, would i be able to upgrade the graphics card to a GeForce GT240? Or what would be the best card for my current PC? It has a power supply of 300 watts.

Now im not gonna be getting a new PC until early next year, so im looking for something that will be worth while until then since right now gaming on this PC is pretty limited.

Any comments are appreciated.
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  1. GT 240 should work. What is your budget? Are you getting this GT 240 cheap? If not, would you consider other (better) options?
  2. holy crap, it has ddr memory? No wonder you got it free lol

    yes the 240 should should be good enough I guess
  3. Thanks for the replies, sorry for my late reply lol.

    I dont really have a budget, but at the same time i dont want to spend too much on this PC. I can find this card on ebay for like 40 bucks, but if there is something else that would work better then the GT240 with out costing too much more i would consider it. Not trying to upgrade the Power Supply either so keep that in mind.

    Thank again for the replies.

    EDIT: Also, would be PC be able to handle the GT240 1Gig version?
  4. hmm yes I would think it can work.
    But your main concern should probably be that new pc that ur working toward ^.^
  5. go for the 240 1Gb. it won't increase the performance in gaming, the cpu will hold you back, but you will be able to increase the resolution and colors which will make video play back better looking.
    oh, and free up a little more RAM because you won't need to share any with the onboard graphics.
  6. If you wanna spend like a little under $100, this is going to be a really good upgrade and you will probably be able to actually game on it. The GT240 is also a really good card.

    If that's too much you can probably go for the 240.
  7. That Radeon HD 6670 looks legit, and its not that much more money the the GT240. under 100 bucks aint too bad, thanks for all the replies, it has really helped alot!

    +1 for you all.
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