Rear Speakers only play during configuration test

A couple weeks ago I built my first desktop PC. Everything seems to be going great, but I'm having some minor issues with the audio. Here's some background info on my system:

Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate
Realtek High Definition Audio, Driver (clicked "Update Driver" today and it says it's up-to-date)

Motherboard: ASRock 990FX Extreme3 AM3+ (has 6 analog connectors on the back and 2 on front for 8-channel audio)
Headphones (used occasionally via front headphone jack, left unplugged when not in use)
2.0 speaker system (input = one 3.5mm plug)
2.1 speaker system (input = one 3.5mm plug)

On the back of the tower I connected the front 2.0 system to the light green jack labeled "out" and the back 2.1 system to the black jack labeled "rear." I have used Windows Speaker Setup AND Realtek Audio Manager to independently test that all "four" speakers are working on Quadraphonic mode (the sub also plays for each of the back speakers since it doesn't have its own input line). I've also had successful results with the same physical setup using 5.1 Speaker mode. So everything tests out great.

But when I go to play a video on YouTube, a song on Windows Media Player, etc, ONLY THE FRONT SPEAKERS PLAY. I will primarily be playing audio from stereo sources, but I'd like to add a surround effect using "Room Correction," so that's why I'm not just daisy-chaining the 2.0 and 2.1 systems together into the green "out" jack. If I can't figure it out that's what I'll do, though.

I included the headphones in my list above to be thorough, but the external speakers seem to disabling and enabling themselves properly when the headphones are in/out.

Finally, when the computer goes to sleep/shuts down/restarts, I get an unpleasant static noise from ALL speakers for 2-7 seconds. I'd like to fix that, too, but honestly that's a secondary problem.

I am mystified as to why the rear 2.1 speakers pass the configuration test but don't actually play in "real life." Help?!?
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    Get a movie that has surround sound. Back speakers only play when there is audio output to those channels, like a movie. YouTube isn't surround sound.
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  3. Aha! I thought it might be something as simple as that. Thanks! :)
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