How can I choose/view how many OS are on this hard drive

An old hard drive I have has about 3 OS on it.

Win 7, Xp, and maybe win 7 again

The hard drive is half full so I know the information is there.


How can I

1) View OS choice at boot menu

2) Get information off this hard drive that cna be accessed by going through the other OS

3) The get rid of the other OS

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  1. Download, install, and run EasyBCD. It will show the installed OSes. You may have to do a little dectective work to identify which OS(es) you no longer want available. Then you can edit the bootloader to remove it/tem, and delete their folders for them from the HDD.

    Be sure to backup the data on My Documents that you want to keep - or move them to one folder.
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