I have xp and when i try to use f10 it wont work why

I am using adobe audition 3.0 with xp and I am trying to test my voice levels. It says to hit F10 and speak into the mike. I hit F10 and nothing happens. Can you help me.
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  1. Are you using an onboard mic on a laptop or an external mic plugged in?
  2. I'm using an external mike. Actually I got the mike working, but after I record me talking, there is static/crackle and distortion in the playback after about 22 seconds.
  3. I was able to figure out what was happening. As of now I'm good.
  4. mmaatt747 said:
    Are you using an onboard mic on a laptop or an external mic plugged in?

    I'm using an external mike. It seems when I use the mike to do a voiceover for my radio show, a glitch appears, when I play it back. Someone I know showed me how to run the speaker system through my mike, but I want to use the sound card in the computer. How can I use my sound card without the glitches appearing in my voiceovers?
  5. Can you expand on what you mean by glitch? Does the sound cut out for a couple seconds or something? Also, are you using your sound ports built in to the motherboard of your PC? It's almost always recommended to use a dedicated sound card if you're recording. You can buy a cheap sound card and still be much better off. Most motherboards don't have dedicated circuitry for sound.
  6. Yes, the sound cuts out for a few seconds. When I bought the computer I also bought a separate SB card for it. I have no clue whether the sound ports are being used. I had a new motherboard put in about a year ago, because the original one died. Right now I'm running the speakers through a Yeti mic in order to record my radio show. I used to do it analog, but I'm trying to switch to a digital format. I would really like to use the SB card in my computer instead of the mic.
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