Used ATI 5870 is it faulty or something else?


I recently purchased a used ASUS ATI Radeon HD 5870 to replace my Geforce 9800 GTX+

Popped out the NVIDIA card and put in the ATI. Now, whenever I boot the computer, my monitor just gives me no signal.

Computer starts just fine, I can hear the HD spin, ethernet starts going and I hear the boot sound over my speakers. Just no video!?

The ATI card powers up and fans spin, seems like computer is booting fine, but no video. I have tried both the DVI output and the HDMI output.

Is this card just bunk or is it something else?

My motherboard is ASUS M4a77TD and I have a 650W PSU.
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  1. I should also mention that I am asking here because I want an expert opinion. I can still return the card and get my money back if it doesn't work.

    BUT I want to make sure it really doesn't work and its not just something on my end before I return it.
  2. Reseat the card, and make sure it's plugged in all the way. Then check you power cables running to the card, make sure they are secured. Reseat your ram, and then reset you CMOS. If none of the above works, try your old 9800 GTX+ and report back on the results.
  3. I am on my 9800 GTX+ right now. It works fine. I can disconnect and reseat the ATI card if you think it is worth trying it again.
  4. I would try and get it running if I were you. If it works it'd be a major upgrade. Remember to reset CMOS. And check all you connections. The 5870 takes 2 PCI-E connectors. A 6 pin and an 8 pin. I don't know if the 9800GTX+ does or not.
  5. Yes I really want to get it working. I have high hopes for this card and the seller is a trusted PC reseller that said the card was working when I bought it.

    The 9800GTX+ only has 6-pin. I connected the 6-pin connector I had in the GTX to the 6-pin slot on the 5870 and a 6+2 pin connector in the 8-pin slot.

    I did not reset the CMOS however, I will have to look at my motherboard documentation to figure out how to do that.

    I'll give that a try and report back.
  6. It's simple, just unplug your PC, pull out the little disc battery on the Mobo and wait 15 minutes. If you tried all that and made sure the GPU sat in there correctly, I would take the computer to the person you got the card from (assuming they are local) and tell them what the problem is.
  7. Hi it's me the OP on a friend's laptop.

    OK so we made progress!

    I reset the CMOS and now I can get the post message and BIOS to display. (no more no signal on the monitor)

    BUT after the post, the screen flashes randomly colored pixels 3 times and then just goes black (does not display no signals).

    SO I'm still stuck with a black monitor after the bios post.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks already for your help but I need a little more to get there I fear!

    To summarize:

    I reset the CMOS.

    1. Now BIOS displays
    2. After inital post/bios message, screen flashes 3 times (random pixels, black, random pixels, black, random pixels, black)
    3. Then it just stays black although the fans and HD start spinning up.

    Any ideas?
  8. It sounds like a heat problem. How is airflow in your case? Do you know how to reapply thermal paste to your card? Before you do that, try plugging into each of the DVI connectors on the card.
  9. There is only one, I don't really have an overheat problem before, (ambient is very low and I have a pretty nice case with plenty of airflow). nothing overclocked.

    I've been reading other places that the 5870 is very picky about its power supply. People have had black screen issues on 650W pwer supplies, upgrading to 750-800W seems to fix it.

    Would this perhaps be an issue? I have an ANTEC EARTHWATTS power supply (650W MAX).

    I could go pick up an 800W corsair and see if it works.
  10. I really don't think it would help much, a good 650W should be more then enough. If you have easy access to a 800W PSU, you could try it. Maybe the 5870 is even more of a hog then I though thought. I guess it depends on what else is in your PC?
  11. I don't have much else, just asus mobo + about 6 fans + phemon X2 1 HDD and 1 DVDROM

    I think the Earthwatts is solid PSU and 650W should be plenty.

    Here is what I did now.

    I went into BIOS and randomly changed this thing ( I know, I know not a good idea, buit it was the only thing in bios related to my display adapter )


    I changed it to


    Then I reboot.

    Now I can get into windows!

    I shutdown and will reconnect to the internet and try installign ATI drivers. Let's hope that she holds steady!
  12. Sweet dude, I'm glad your card it working! Enjoy it!
  13. Thanks man! I really appreciate the help. Have ATI drivers installed and its running like a beast now :D
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