Do extra hubs/switches cause slow-downs?

I know quite some stuff about networking in general, however I've always wondered this. After your main modem/router, many households usually have a network hub or extra switch somewhere in the house that allows for more hardware connections through it or perhaps if you don't have enough network ports on your original router/modem, you would need a large switch to have more ports.

Now, the question is, do extra ports/switches affect latency a significant amount? Do more switches affect web-browsing speeds?

I am talking about regular/average cheap switches, nothing industrial-grade.

So if I run a network cable from my main router, to a switch, then using another cable, directly to my motherboard. Any ideas if that would affect it?

I used my best friend who's name is google, but found no topics about this.
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  1. If you were to chain 20-30 switches together, you might notice some latency issues. If you are just talking 1-2 switches, then I doubt it would be anything noticeable unless you have everyone on the switches using bandwidth.
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