Phantom 820 or 630.

Hello fellas i'm ready to buy a new case but i really don't know which one the 820 or wait some weeks for the 630?

Reviews says the new one got better airflow and is more silence but since i'm going for water cooling will be a problem these + temps with the 820?.

I like the fact that the 820 is taller so i can setup a push pull radiator in top, plus i like the ready led stuff.

In the other hand the new 630 got some removable cages ventilation holes in the back plus the front fan is moved down so it can pull more air inside the case.

Thank you any advice is welcome so i can buy my new case soon !

ps sorry for my bad english take care.
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  1. Switch 810.
  2. Yes well i know switch is near the same case is cheaper bla bla but i don't want to buy old case, i must choose one of them so when u telling me to buy the switch u really don't help me here mate thanks for the answer anyways.
  3. I order 820, between 900D will be on the market soon but more expensive i guess.
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