Good pc build? need lil help!

Heyy there , im trying to make my final gaming setup so i want to make sure everything is perfect and i would really appreciate a couple extra opinions!

Heres the lay out----

Intel Cor I7-770K Ivy Bridge 3.5GHz (3.9GHz Turbo) LGA 1155 77W Quad-core

*2* EVGA Superclocked Geforce GTX 570 (Fermi) 1280MB 320-bit

OCZ Vertex 4 256G 2.5' Solid state ((((for everything else))))))))))))))
OCZ Vertex 3 120GB ((((((((((((operating system / programs))))))))))) [alredy purchased]

Corsair Dominator-gt DDR3 12GB of ram [already purchased]

Motherboard-- ASUS Maximus IV extreme-1 [already purchased]

I was thinking of usins a Corsair professoonal series gold AX1200w power supply, do u tink this will be enough ?

Case- Bitfenix colossus

any helpful advice or opinions on what i should get or change is appreciated .
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  1. Hey, is there a reason you wanted 2 570s (good price maybe?) If you are keen on NVidia, the 600 series is a nice thermal improvement, meaning noise won't be as much of an issue.

    Since you already have an SSD for the OS and some programs, is there a reason you need a second SSD (Maybe not all your programs will fit on the 120GB?) If they fit, you will see huge cost savings by storing movies / music / pictures on an HDD.

    You clearly have a nice budget, so if you intend to OC, you should invest in a nice cooler, if not, at least extra case fans to deal with the heat of an SLI set up. (Extra case fans reduce noise by letting the much louder GPU fans spin down, unless you go overboard with fans ;) )

    Edit: I forgot to mention your power supply. 1000W would be enough to power SLI, 1200W is so much more, and if you do go with 600 series or 7000 series, you can even to triSLI triFire with 1000W, you may be surprised. ;) At any rate, if I am not mistaken (I am not looking up the PSU) the Corsair has a 3 or 5 year warranty, and is (obviously) 80+ Gold, so it is a very nice PSU. Just make sure it has enough 6 / 8 or 6+8 pin connectors for which ever GPUs you pick.
  2. You don't need another ssd for storage,get a 1tb Seagate Barracuda and put that money in a better graphics card.
    Way too much power. 750w gold from seasonic/fsp/xfx will do.
    Again, a gaming setup is only as good as it's graphics card.You do not need an i7. Get an i5 3570K and put that money in the graphics. That plus the psu and storage savings should get you 2-3 x gtx 670 configuration.I recommend 2way sli and an investment in cooling.
  3. Appreciate such a quick reply!

    I was thinking doin the 570's in a SLI setup for added performance but thinking about it now i will look into the 600series , Im not to sure weather to just get one good graphics card or get 2 in SLI , the only game im going to be playing is "Counter-Strike GO" but i will be doing a lot of video editing work aswell and want a solid pc to be able to easily withstand it
  4. You don't need SLI for CounterStrike GO. It's not a very demanding game compared to other titles out there right now. SLI is something you do if you want to max out the latest titles at ultra high resolution, say 2560x1600, you want to max out games in Stereoscopic 3D, which requires very, very high framerates, or you are looking at multi-monitor gaming.

    If you are set on Nvidia for a 600 series card, a GTX 660Ti will handle CounterStrike just fine on any single display. It will also be sufficient for video editing work. That said, if your editing programs do use OpenCL GPU acceleration, you may want to consider getting an AMD 7000 series card like the 7870, 7950 or 7970 instead. The GPU compute capabilities on the 600 series nvidia cards has been severely crippled to try to drive up sales of nvidia's workstation cards. As such, the 600 series GPU compute performance, especially with OpenCL is subpar compared to their AMD counterparts.
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  6. You did describe it as a gaming build
    For video editing stick with the i7 and one good card. I recommend the gtx 670 for a powerful monitor / multi monitor setup. Also the i7 K isn't necessary unless you intend to overclock. Get the non K
    You still don't need the second ssd as much as the capacity.
    Change your psu as I suggested.
    The case is fine.
  7. Thanks for all the help everyone!!

    much appreciated
  8. You're welcome.Post your edited choices,just to be sure.
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