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I have just ordered an HP Envy 17 3200 laptop. This laptop has a HD 7850M Graphics card. It has 1x hdmi 2x displayports. I bought this to be able to run the laptop display along side the 3 external displays. I am not interested in the gaming aspect and really won't take advantage of the Eyefinity (at this point).

I want to use the 3 external monitors for extended displays for the desktop ONLY. My question is....will I still need to buy ACTIVE display adapters or will passive work to run all three simultaneously plus the laptop monitor. OR does the active only have to do with eyefinity groups?

Also since it will be used as extended desktop mode ....will there be a problem having different resolutions? and.........have one or more in portrait mode.

Thank you for your time :)
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    I believe passive is fine for 1080p and lower.
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  3. Thanks sabot for taking the time to answer. I really appreciate your consideration :)
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