Sub $1000 Home built budget gaming rig - need advice to Overclock OC

This is my first rig built yesterday and want to use for games, movies and Adobe PSE10. As SSD prices get closer to HDD prices I will add one later and replace the Caviar.
Does anyone have a similar set up that can get me close to 4.5Ghz and stable?

$189 i5-2500k
$105 Asrock Extreme3 Gen3
$40 8GB G.Skill Ares DDR3-2133 PC-17000
$179 EVGA GTX 560 (non-Ti) 2GB Video Card
$45 Cooler Master X6 Elite fan
$65 WD Caviar Blue 500GB
$20 LiteON 24x DVD/CD
$40 Logitech G400 mouse
$60 Rosewill 630W 80+ bronze fan
$50 Rosewill case
$125 W7 Pro
$0 brother's used HP w2207 22" monitor

Total $918 after MIR
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  1. Am I in the wrong forum? Can a moderator switch me to the right section for advice? Thank you
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