Computer won't even go into bios AMD FX-8120


motherboard: Asus M5A97 Evo
ram : Gskill 16gb 9-9-9-24 (two 8gb sticks)
cpu: AMD FX-8120
psu: 880W cool power.
gpu: R7800 XFX black eddtion
hdd: western digital black 1tb
case: strike X
cooling cpu: advanced thermaltake frio
case fans: 6 no name

ok so here is the situation I have gone down the list of ways to check if i did somthing wrong. All the cables are in correctly and the componets are not doa. I tested it all with a old AMD athlon II processor I have 3.2ghz and 3 cores. Started up just perfectly. Then I put the 8 core in and nothing. The computer doen't even beep. the fans start up the ledslight up telling me everything is fine and then nothing happens. ever. at all. The bios doen't even show up. I don't know what to do. how can I get my computer to boot. The asus website says that my ram graphics card and cpu are all compatable yet nothing happens.
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  1. Did you happen to update that motherboards BIOS to the latest version that supports AM3+?

    If not, then pop the old CPU in, update the motherboard BIOS to the latest revision, shut down, put the 8120 in and you should be good.
  2. Nope, because it is likely you will have to do a bios update so the board can understand the new Cpu you put in.

    Also just in case have a check that there are no bent gold pins on the back side of the new Cpu, it could be the cause of the system not booting with the new Cpu in.
  3. O.O oh god NOOOOOOOOOO how did the thermal past get on th pins! -_-' thanks guys but i think i found my problem.
  4. bios update
  5. i'll clean it off with some alcohol and update see if that helps.
  6. if you used a non conductive thermal paste you should be fine, even if you didn't it probably won't matter
  7. if it got on the pins, blow it out, don't touch them with alcohol
  8. It's working like a dream thanks guys.
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