New Homebuilt System Not Working

Just received my power supply today so I could finally put everything into place and see if my new homebuilt computer works.
It doesn't. The computer boots and loads okay. I get the ASRock set up screen but when I comes time to load Windows XP I get this blue screen error.

ASRock B75M
Palit nVidia GTX 295
8GB Corsair Vengeance Memory
80GB Maxtor Diamondmax 10
Antec HCG-900
Intel i5 3470
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  1. Try running your system with one memory in the slot and see if it works then if it does then this will be a memory related issue, if you have just installed windows xp then it could be a corrupt install also you could try starting up in safe mode and see if that works.

    Try working through each component at a time, Take a component out and start the computer without it, repeat the process until it boots correctly. If it does then you have found your culprit.
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    And the error message tells you what to do. It says check your hard drive. I expect bad sectors or a corrupt file system on it. I'm pretty sure it's not a memory problem.
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