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I setup my router a while ago using the Cisco Connect CD and have always connected to it via the IP address in Internet Explorer 9 to get to the web interface. Today all of a sudden when I enter the username and password the software gave me (which btw has worked fine everytime) comes back with the login screen again and again no matter how many times I tried. I have been at this all day. I have hard reset then softreset, re-flashed the firmware and ran the newest cisco connect software available from the site etc... I have reset IE9 cleared all the INET cache etc...

All the while I have internet connection but cannot get into the router via IE9 using the username and password the Cisco Connect gave me. I CAN however get in if I go through the Cisco software with firefox using the same IP address and the Cisco Connect username and password.

Nothing has changed in IE9 I even reset the browser and checked all the internal settings. I do not believe it sends the information to the router in a secure manner, which I know the login screen says it must ben in an insecure basic authentication manner.

Any ideas?

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  1. Ok, I got it fixed. I restored an older backup that was pretty much right after my reinstall and it still did not work. This told me it was somehow the router or how the router was gewtting/interperating the password. I went back to my latest state, did an internal soft reset back to defaults, did a 30/30/30 reset then reflashed the firmware. This time I did NOT use the Cisco Connect software to configure the router and set it up and changed the password myself. Now I can get into it via the web interface using any browser.


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