Recommend me a GPU upgrade


My systems specs are as follows:

intel i5 760 lynfield 2.8 Ghz LGA1156
Asus p7p55d DDR3
550w PSU
Im running 1 monitor at 1080p

I want a GPU to hold me for about 2 years till I build a new system.

I want to buy off
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  1. Do you have a budget? If you can spend $430 I'd grab a 670 or a 7970. The right choice for you would depend on what games you want to play.

    EDIT: I see the 670s are back down to around $400, which would more than likely make that the way to go.
  2. Need more info 550W - manufacturer?/
  3. The 670 is a universally good choice, especially at 1080p. If you're committed to that monitor resolution, you can't beat it.

    If you want to go cheaper than $400, let me suggest the twin frozr 7950 at $310 post-rebate:

    It's a really good deal right now (hard to believe it's only a few bucks more than the 7870). The thing overclocks like crazy and has 3GB of VRAM, which will help you if you push beyond 1080p.
  4. Hi I'd like to keep the price range under 300 if possible so 7950 max. It's a Cool master 550w extreme power plus silent 12cm fan. I wonder if there will be a bottle neck for current cards. Also I am on 4 Gb ram (ddr3 1600)
  5. whats wrong with the 6870?
  6. Nothing. I just want to play some games on high settings, like Bf3, metro 2033. Also I have annoy driver issue with sound on my current card.
  7. confish21 said:
    whats wrong with the 6870?

    I don't know what to make of this; it's old tech and way under budget for OP, for starters.
  8. Got 2 PCI slots with SLi and Crossfire support? if so just buy a 2nd one but at 550w thats pretty week PSU i would suggest buying new PSU and 2nd 6870
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    Yes, a second 6870 would be a great choice at 1080p, except that you'd definitely need a new PSU.

    If $300 is about your max and you definitely want a new card, I'd say either stretch to get that 7950 I mentioned, or go down to a 7850 or 570. But tbh, at 1080p, I would probably stick with the 6870 a little while longer. It's a great card, and you might want to hold off so you can see what the 660 Ti is like (and what price changes it might bring).
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