Native resolution "out of range" on DVI

So far I have stumped the guys at Nvidia and EVGA with this one. GTX 570 on a Vista 64 machine connected by DVI-D to JVC DT-241LU monitor (this is a high-end display!) Native rez is 1920x1200 and it worked fine with the same cable to an ATI Radeon 4850HD. BUT . . . there are three anomalies with the Nvidia card:

1. NVIDIA Control Panel shows it connected to "HDMI - HD" no matter which of the two DVI ports I use.

2. NCP incorrectly reports native resolution as 720p30.

3. When I force Nvidia to 1920x1200 at 60 Hz, the monitor complains signal out of range.

I can get it to work in 1080p30 but I'd rather use all the pixels. I have tried the latest beta, non-beta, and a couple of older Nvidia drivers with identical results. Changing the DVI cable makes no difference.

Any ideas HW wizards??
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