Case fans and CPU fans stay on after Windows shut down

I built a PC yesterday with all new parts, i had quite a few hitches and now the system runs fine, except when I turn it off... I have made a video of what happens...

No matter how I turn it off, I have to force the fans & cpu fans to turn off via pressing the power button for 5 seconds after Windows is shut down.

I have googled this and people point to it being a faulty PSU or faulty motherboard, Is there anything I can do to test this before replacing them?
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  1. what motherboard do you have? some boards keep their fans on for a while to help cool down the system.
  2. MSI Z77A-G45

    How long is a while? I have kept it on for 5+ minutes and still didn't turn off, also the system is always cool when I turn it off since I haven't been using it, if that matters, I don't know.
  3. Also not sure if this means anything, but I don't get any audio from my TV through HDMI unless I plug my headphones into one of the headphone sockets then unplug it again.
  4. any ideas?
  5. for the audio, can you try another hdmi cable? i usually dont use hdmi to transfer sound signals....

    for a faulty psu, can you borrow a friends?

    for a faulty board, you will have to rma
  6. The audio problem seemed to be a driver issue, but i still don't get any beeps on start up which is kind of odd.
    I don't know anyone who could lend me a suitable PSU.
    I will be returning it, possibly both psu and motherboard, just the problem is i'm charged for their testing if one or both aren't faulty :/
  7. ok then good luck
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