Hub to Hub to PC Limited or no Conectivity


I am having this problem. I manage a small office network IP's are generated via a rooter. I need to add a new pc to the network and here is where the problem starts.

I have a cable from a HUB in that office which has a splitter 1 way goes to a PC the other is empty. At first i tried connecting the other PC from that splitter but i get the Limited or no Connectivity message on both PCs. If i connect only one of them to the splitter the connection works fine.

Now i tried with a HUB, made a Crossover cable from the splitter to the HUB in the WAN port, same deal both PCs get Limited ot no Connectivity. THe strange thing is that if i connect only one via the HUB the same thing happens...

I am really out of ideas, my only option left is to connect the PC from the main HUB which means allot of cable posing ...

Best wishes,

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  1. can you give the model numbers of the network equipments?

    what do you mean by splitter?
  2. hehehe thx mate you helped me more than you think :) i was looking for the model numbers of the network equipment and found that the HUB i was trying to use was a Router, it looked exactly like your plain average HUB and for some reason it was in my HUB box.

    And by splitter i meant one of those little plastic splitters, 1 in 2 out.

    Thank you for your fast reply.

    I was beginning to wonder... wth... this should have posed no problems what so ever, been handling networks for ages :)
  3. Quote:
    And by splitter i meant one of those little plastic splitters, 1 in 2 out.

    Don't use a splitter. They work for phones but not for network equipment. It can actually cause damage to the network port. Use a switch.
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