Dell XPS 630i 750W PSU

So I'm trying to figure out what connectors are on the 750W PSU that goes with the Dell XPS as I'm looking to upgrade the mobo, cpu, gpu, and ram and am not sure if the current psu will work with the new parts i'm upgrading to. Can anyone give me an answer or a tip or something? I've searched everywhere and found no help.
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    1 x 24-pin ATX Connector (P1)
    1 x 8-pin ATX Power Connector (P15)
    4 x 4-pin Molex IDE Power Connector (P8, P11, P12, P14)
    6 x 15-pin Serial ATA Power Connectors (P4, P5, P6, P7, P9,P10)
    1 x Floppy Power Connector (P13)
    2 x 6-pin PCIe Connectors (P2, P3)
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  3. Awesome thank you.
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