Is this normal for a CPU?

I have an i5 3750k @3.4ghz, and it seems to be going crazy while IDLE. My whole PC seems to be lagging right now every 5-7 seconds it will freeze for a second.

Dunno how to add pics sorry,
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  1. What are your complete system specs?
  2. 500w CoolMaster psu <---- Upgrading this, I know it's crap.
    ASRock Z77 extreme 4
    8GB Ram
    3 x 120mm fans
  3. montosaurous said:
    What are your complete system specs?

    sorry for slow response. Here is another picture, look at CPU 0, nothing running besides firefox and task manager.
  4. SOLVED MY PROBLEM, it was a faulty driver, after disabling it my system runs amazingly and even my internet speed multiplied by 9. From 300 kb/s to 2.8 mb/s
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