Help i cant watch blu ray 3d movies on my pc

Hi I seriously need help !Ive got a Sony BWU-500s 3d blu ray player , Nvidia geforce GTX 550Ti 3d display card and an LG23 " 3D monitor and I stil cant watch 3d movies . Im using Corel windvd Pro 11 and every time when I incert a 3d movie it says the following "this blu ray disc requires a blu ray 3d player connected to a 3d display. Your blu ray 3d player has not detected that its connected to a 3d display . My screen is connected to my Pc with a DVI cable because if I connect it with an HDMI cable the screen is distorted ? O and yes I did install the screen . Please Help
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  1. Can you play 3D movies or videos through youtube say? I think the best thing to do is connect your screen using a good hmdi cable.

    P.S. What kind of distortions do you spot on the screen with the hdmi?
  2. I have the same problem, on the 14 day trail of the NVidia 3D program.

    I can play Call of Duty on my Samsung TV off my NVidia 560 in 3D using the TV's glasses.

    I can play all 3D blu's on my PS3 but my PC says i havent got a 3D player.

    I'm trying to find out if its the blu ray player in the PC that is not fast enough.
    Here's what you need in order to playback Blu-ray 3D movies on your PC:
    Compatible NVIDIA GeForce GPU
    HDCP-compliant 3D Vision-ready display. Please check the 3D Vision system requirements page for a full list of displays.
    Microsoft® Windows® 7 32-bit or 64-bit
    2x speed Blu-ray drive
    Blu-ray 3D-enabled movie player application*
  4. Have you set the region coding?
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