IP conflict on 2k3 DHCP, new problem/old network

I'm no network admin, I'm just trying to help out a nonprofit. They sent a dated WinXP machine out to replace a dead video card without telling me, and it came back unable to connect to the LAN due to an IP conflict. I've been through all the fixed/dynamic settings, updated the drivers, uninstalled/reinstalled the device, tried assigning a static IP, but it still comes back to the same fault. Got it working for about an hour at the longest after doing the driver update. I'm stuck for ideas to fix this, help?
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    does the server IP conflict with another computer? if so, see if a IP can be assign the server that is outside the DHCP range.

    is DHCP server enabled on the 2k3?

    is DHCP server enabled on the router, too?
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